Nice mobility

01/08/2023 By Transport Comments Off

A few words about the means of transport in Nice to avoid, when possible, the use of the private car. Either by using public transport, bus or tram, or rental bikes, electric or classic. Or even rental electric cars. Little feedback and impressions …It seems today that everyone is convinced that global warming threatens human balance on earth. Scientists and politicians from all sides share this observation, but not necessarily the solutions to be adopted. Let’s not forget that the future doesn’t always bend to human expectations. Scientific rigor generally does not allow absolute and eternal certainties and seeks, theoretically at least, to dismantle the assumptions made. Jacques Chirac, former president, declared in 2002 “Our house is burning and we are looking elsewhere”, the Rassemblement National gathering advocates localism in order to limit international transport and at the same time gas emissions. Left, right and environmentalists call for action. Some even advocate degrowth, arguing that the planet being a finite space, it is suicidal and irresponsible to continue this quest for infinite growth. Even if technical progress makes it possible to pollute less per unit of consumption. Politicians are accused of not doing enough, of greenwashing, sprinkling measures, intended primarily for their political communication …

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