Top villages to visit from Nice

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When it comes to beautiful villages, the South of France is a shameless show-off. With the hills rising steeply above the Mediterranean coast, the area is simply littered with perched medieval villages rich in history and atmosphere.

Fireworks after the attack in Nice in 2016

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First fireworks of the National Day three years after the frightful July 14, 2016. A compact crowd presents this Saturday, July 13, 2019. Of joy, emotion and the desire to say: no, we will not give in to fear.


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E Vélo Bleu

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A new electric blue bike that works very well. The new machine made its appearance in early October 2021 in the streets of Nice. The two-wheeler presents well with a beautiful sober and futuristic look. new electric blue bike in the streets of Nice

Nice mobility

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A few words about the means of transport in Nice to avoid, when possible, the use of the private car. Either by using public transport, bus or tram, or rental bikes, electric or classic. Or even rental electric cars. Little feedback and impressions …